AQUATY launches its VC technology platform

AQUATY welcomes Alexander Grimm to the founding team and launches its VC technology platform

  • AQUATY welcomes former Getsafe COO Alexander Grimm as Co-Founder and Managing Director, strengthening its leadership.
  • AQUATY's technology simplifies private market transactions and reduces entry barriers to venture capital. 
  • Its proprietary software uses artificial intelligence to enable transparency in traditionally unstructured private market data.
  • The company has raised over 2 million USD in pre-seed funding.

Münster, March, 2024 – AQUATY, a pioneering technology platform in the venture capital sector, is excited to announce the addition of Alexander Grimm as Co-Founder and Managing Director. Grimm’s proven track record as a successful entrepreneur and his pivotal role in leading the European insurtech Getsafe as Chief Operating Officer will significantly strengthen AQUATY's expansion.

Sebastian Otutuama, co-founder of AQUATY and responsible for the product architecture, comments on the expansion of the leadership, “With Alex joining us, we are well prepared to make the lucrative asset class of early-stage investments accessible to a broader market. He is a perfect complementary addition to our team.”

AQUATY’s technology platform makes private market transactions as simple as buying and selling stocks. Use cases range from digital settlement of investment processes, enablement of secondary transactions to running Employee Stock option programs (ESOP). AQUATY’s software leverages artificial intelligence to enable transparency and data-driven decisions in traditionally unstructured private market data. The approach is set to benefit a diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from founders and investors to other participants involved in private market deals.

Otutuama explains, “Venture capital fuels groundbreaking innovations that are vital for tackling the challenges we face today. Entry barriers such as high transaction costs or complex legal processes have historically prevented many investors from investing in this lucrative asset class. AQUATY is here to change that narrative. Our platform will allow simple and diversified participation in venture capital investments with small ticket sizes from 1.000 EUR – like an index-ETF for early-stage investments.”

Since its inception, AQUATY has raised more than 2 million USD in pre-seed funding from angel investors like Mirko Novakovic or Target Partners founder Berthold von Freyberg.

Following a successful beta phase, AQUATY has now launched its product suite for VCs, syndicate leaders, and private investors, including business angels. Looking forward, AQUATY is set to introduce a new product catered to founders, with a strong emphasis on cap table and ESOP management.

Alexander Grimm adds: “When I first met my co-founders I was deeply impressed by the technological and regulatory infrastructure they built. This technology allows us to take the regulatory and process hassle out of many VC transactions – increasing its efficiency by factor 10. I am convinced that AQUATY is perfectly positioned to make a whole asset class more accessible and to support funders to back the strongest founders.


AQUATY is a fully digital platform that makes venture capital and private market investments more efficient, accessible and liquid. By reducing the traditional complexities and transaction costs, AQUATY empowers founders and investors to engage in venture capital investment opportunities. The platform's applications include digital settlement of investment processes, facilitation of secondary transactions, and management of virtual stock programs (ESOP). The company is headquartered in Münster, Germany, and backed by renowned investors such as Berthold von Freyberg and Mirko Novakovic.

Sebastian Otutuama

Co-Founder & Managing Director
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