Unlock the tech potential of
private market investments.

The AQUATY platform equips investors and innovators with the essential tools for hassle-free investment transactions and operations in private capital markets.

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Invest in the next
in the early stage.

Invest in the next

in the early stage.

AQUATY takes the complexity out of private market investments to increase efficiency, liquidity and venture capital access for professional and private investors.  


Our Products for

Our Products for

We crafted our products with decades of experience in private markets, venture capital and technology.
Our software serves you to automate painful legacy processes and meet highest regulatory standards.

Warehouse Deals

Turn your opportunities into deals. AQUATY simplifies the offering and settlement of venture deals so you can focus on growing your assets under management.

SPV Setup and Administration

AQUATY's Multi SPV solution enables you to settle one or multiple venture deals in one entity - fully digital.

Portfolio Management

Our software enhances private market data with artificial intelligence to keep your venture and fund investments perfectly organized and always up to date.

Deal Flow Management

Manage your deal flow from incoming pitch decks to deal settlement. Flexibily adapt the process to your needs and Invite co-investors to curate your deal.

Cap Table Management

Manage your venture's cap table with ease and keep track of changes automatically.

ESOP Program

Set up and manage your digital ESOP program with a few clicks and at minimum costs.

Venture Fund Setup

Let go of legacy processes and set up and manage your venture fund digitally.

Our clients

What the people say about us.

Alexander Hochgürtel
Partner at New Forge

Angel Syndicate

With a growing portfolio of 60+ ventures, AQUATY is the software of choice to track every development.

Sebastian Hanhues
Ex-McKinsey, Entrepreneur & Investor


I have never seen AI applied so well to the world of private markets and venture investments. Keeping track of other shareholders with a few clicks is amazing.

Kevin Kissner
Investment Banker & Founder of Blackdor

SyndicaTe Leader

AQUATY is the first product which manages each step digitally including KYC, deal curation, legal automation and post-deal management. 
The functionality and flexibility of the infrastructure is really impressive.

Dr. Robert Oppenheim
Partner @ Osbourne Clarke, Specialized in Digital Securities


AQUATY is such an innovative company, which creates new ways for digital Venture Capital investments. I really enjoy working with the founding team, who are just outstanding and very knowledgable professionals.

our mission

Enabling the best founders and their backers.
For a better future.

Funding the brightest minds is the key to addressing global challenges such as climate change.

Engineered in Germany, Accepted in all European jurisdictions.

We are trusted by some of the leading investors, VCs and founders and have helped to enable venture deals across  Europe and beyond.

Don’t worry about legal and regulatory hassle

We build our innovative legal and regulatory compliant framework with the best experts and lawyers. We provide you with software, legal document automation and brokerage license coverage.


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