The venture capital broker.

AQUATY is the first solution digitizing and decentralizing the entire venture capital investment process for founders, investors and partners.
We make venture equity accessible.

Our partners

The AQUATY ecosystem radically simplifies the venture capital process for it's natural key players:
Founders. Investors. Partners.

Venture Founder

You’ve planted the seeds. Now it’s time to raise and grow.

Focus on driving value by reaching the investors who understand your business. AQUATY enables you to raise capital fast and to build strong partnerships. Benefit from network access and strategic advice from experienced minds.

Venture Investor

Nurture ventures from the ground up by investing your capital and experience.

Get early access to professionally evaluated investment opportunities and invest alongside notable investors. Manage your equity investments digitally with full legal compliance - without notary visits. Shape each venture’s success by applying your strategic guidance and network access.

Venture Partner

Oversee the entire venture equity process and guide venture teams to success.

Venture Partners earn venture equity for their service and consultation throughout the investment process. Solidify an investment by investing your experience and network during the due diligence and growth stage.

Be part of a revolutionary venture ecosystem to build and grow outstanding companies.
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AQUATY is leading a paradigm shift in venture equity.
Digital. Decentralized. Holistic.


Founders will find empowering investors at their fingertips. Investors are able to access a proven dealflow and find new venture investment targets constantly.


Forget paperwork. Save time.

Seal the deal on a rock-solid legal foundation.


Manage your equity shares digitally. Create and access meaningful reporting with a few clicks.


Access our network of experienced partners, proven experts and visionaries to move towards success together.

Trading & Exit

Convert successful investments into liquidity. Benefit from your participation.

Join our ecosystem.

When you are seeking for venture funding, join us as Venture Founder. 
When you are looking to invest equity in a startup, join us as a Venture Investor. 
If you are familiar with both sides and have managed successful venture investments before, you may apply as a Venture Partner.

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