AQUATY Introduces Multi-SPV Product for Private Market Investments

In an effort to streamline private market investing, AQUATY has launched a new Multi-SPV product designed specifically for investment managers with access to private market assets and their investors. This new offering integrates a legal and regulatory-compliant framework that enables the use of"multi-use" Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), simplifying the management of multiple deals within a single Limited Liability Company structure by making use of securitization.

The Multi-SPV product enables a fully digital process, allowing easy co-investments, follow-on rounds and potential secondaries under one SPV, eliminating the need to set up separate legal entities for each transaction. AQUATY automates all necessary legal and regulatory documents, significantly reducing legal costs while ensuring compliance. It is already successfully being used by several renowned angel syndicates, venture capital funds and real estate developers.

Commenting on the launch, Sebastian Otutuama, Co-Founder of AQUATY, said: “With our new product, we are addressing key challenges in the private capital market: high transaction costs, complex legal processes and a lack of transparency in transactions. This way, we change how investments are managed, allowing all transactions to be handled within one seamless solution.”

The Multi-SPV product is part of AQUATY's suite of tools that support the entire investment lifecycle, from initial asset evaluation to fully digital transaction settlement. The platform also allows investors to share deal flow with current or prospective investors and includes a comprehensive portfolio and reporting tool for the post-investment stage. This tool helps track all investments and share updates with other investors, promoting effective collaboration between syndicate members, the investment committee and the curation team.

In addition to cost and process efficiencies, AQUATY's AI infrastructure transforms unstructured private market data into organised, actionable insights to improve decision-making. It has been carefully designed to meet the highest standards of security and transparency, using advanced encryption and secure cloud environments.

Looking ahead, AQUATY is committed to developing its technology and expanding its offerings, with a focus on the current demand for more asset-classes like private credit, infrastructure and art.

“Our vision is to make private markets as efficient and accessible as public markets,” added Otutuama. “By providing the legal, regulatory and technological infrastructure, our platform significantly reduces transaction costs and complexity. In doing so, we are making private market investing efficient and helping to bring important asset classes to more investor portfolios, not just those of institutional investors, but to anyone who wants to participate.”


AQUATY is a fully digital platform that makes venture capital and private market investments more efficient, accessible and liquid. By reducing the traditional complexities and transaction costs, AQUATY empowers asset managers and investors to engage in private market investment opportunities. The platform's applications include digital settlement of investment processes, facilitation of secondary transactions. The company is headquartered in Münster, Germany, and backed by renowned investors such as Berthold von Freyberg and Mirko Novakovic.

Sebastian Otutuama

Co-Founder & Managing Director
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