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Business angel

Build your own venture portfolio with ease, alongside top-tier VC investors

Diversify your venture capital investments with our cutting-edge platform, granting you exclusive access to top-tier investment options with a fully digital end-to-end process, free of notaries and layers.

Why choose us

The future of Venture Capital

Build your own VC Porfolio

With AQUATY, easily build and manage your own diversified VC portfolio, just like a stock market online broker.

Invest Immediately

Aquaty's platform digitizes the entire investment process, eliminating the need for lawyers or notaries. This makes investing more accessible and efficient for everyone.

Access High-Quality Deal Flow

Aquaty offers access to top deal flow from business angel clubs and VC funds, allowing you to invest in a variety of startups that meet your investment criteria.

Portfolio Management

Aquaty's platform offers real-time portfolio tracking and reporting tools to help you manage your portfolio efficiently, leading to better investment decisions and risk management.

Low Entry Barriers

Invest in startups with €20k per deal or lower as a club member, while benefiting from maximum transparency and comprehensive information about each investment opportunity.

Flexible Portfolio Trading

With Aquaty's tokenized smart contracts, you can easily trade your portfolio shares, increasing flexibility and responsiveness to market conditions.


Check out what people are saying.

Sebastian Hanhues

Co-Founder / OpenSea

“Using Aquaty has revolutionized the way we we work. We’re able to close deals faster, prevent churn more easily, and keep everyone is up to date on what they need to know.”

Sebastian Hanhues

Co-Founder / OpenSea

“Projects” was one of the core themes of our 2022 roadmap planning session and we spent a lot of time discussing what features we should work on to meaningfully improve this part of the..."