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Angel Investment club

Accelerate Angel Club Growth with Our Digital Processes and Single SPV Solution

Enhance the Potential of Your Angel Club with AQUATY's Digital Club Tool: Streamlining Processes, Minimizing Regulatory, Organizational, and Reporting Efforts, and Maximizing Returns.

Why choose us

Advantages of AQUATY for Clubs, Summarized:

Launch a Digital Investment Club

AQUATY allows you to take your business angel club to the next level with its first-of-its-kind digital investment club platform.

No Regulatory Hassles

AQUATY takes care of all regulatory requirements, ensuring that your business angel club can focus on its core activities of finding and investing in promising startups.

Monetize Your Network

With AQUATY, as a club leader, you can earn carry for initiating deals and have the ability to decide how to distribute the remaining carry among other deal team members.

Increase Investment Opportunities

Increase your club members' investment likelihood by offering flexible ticket sizes and pool external investors on AQUATY to fill up the round if needed.

Simplify SPV Handling

Manage all club investments, including the participation in multiple rounds of one startup, through a single SPVs by issuing individual equity participation rights to club members.

Streamline Reporting & Monitoring

AQUATY offers real-time portfolio tracking and reporting tools for easy reporting, providing transparency for informed investment decisions.


Check out what people are saying.

Sebastian Hanhues

Co-Founder / OpenSea

“Using Aquaty has revolutionized the way we we work. We’re able to close deals faster, prevent churn more easily, and keep everyone is up to date on what they need to know.”

Sebastian Hanhues

Co-Founder / OpenSea

“Projects” was one of the core themes of our 2022 roadmap planning session and we spent a lot of time discussing what features we should work on to meaningfully improve this part of the..."